Spetember 16, 2008 

This year 7X0DX activity is over now. Mirek 7X0DX was active mostly on 40 and 30 meters. The bands were used because of propagation conditions and TVI problems. Mirek was located in a hotel where they had a satellite TV installation however this installation was a real problem and even with low power TVI problems were very big. There were also sand storms which made the situation even worse. During this storms the TV installations sometimes worked better but sometimes worse than usual.

Mirek used IC7000 and AH4 ATU. The antenna was a vertical (fishing-rod) about 7 meters high. The output power was as follows:
  80m - 100 W (only one QSO)- the antenna was too short
  40m - od 50-100 W
  30m - od 40-75 W
  20m - od 5 do 25 W
  17m - 100 W
  15m - 100 W

Mirek wrote: Propagation on 20m and higher was only a ghost of the propagation from 2002. Propagation conditions were bad and I had strong static QRN. Sand was moving all around the antenna making big QRM. It is the same like in Winter time when it is snowing. I would prefer to use dipoles and loop antennas durig next visits to Algeria but... plans are plans and life goes its own way as ususal, HI.

There are some new pictures published on the website. Also the on-line log is now updated and includes all 7X0DX QSOs (1842 QSOs were uploaded).

 Updated: September 1, 2008 

Mirek 7X0DX is once again active from Algeria. He will be active till September 11 this time. It is a business trip so he can be QRV in his spare time only. This time Mirek has difficult conditions to build effective antennas but he tries to be QRV if only possible.

Latest news will be published here if Mirek has chance to send e-mails. The on-line log includes data from the previous operations. QSO data from the current activity will be uploaded after this activity is over (Mirek has no chance to send his QSO data on daily basis this time).

 Updated: December 1, 2002 

In the middle of November Mirek went to Algeria again. It was very short stay this time. Mirek was on 20 meters only for two days (November 16-17).

Log on-line is updated and includes all contacts of 7X0DX now.

Mirek is moving to new QTH. He lived in Singapore last 4 years. Now he is moving to Perth, Australia. So we can expect VK6DXI activity soon. In the same time 9V1XE call is QRT now.

We had some very serious problems with the server in November so we are sorry for all problems with the on-line log.

 Updated: August 27, 2002 

In one of the last e-mails Mirek informed that 7X0DX QSL cards are ready now and his QSL manager started to confirm contacts. Just now (till August 29) Mirek is active as 9M8DX - look for him on bands and satellites.

Please note that 7X0DX QSL manager is DL4DBR. I am only a webmaster for 7X0DX operation. I received some 7X0DX cards via bureau and direct. I will forward them to DL4DBR but please use correct manager. So DO NOT send cards for 7X0DX via SP5UAF. SEND THEM ONLY VIA DL4DBR. Thanks.

In the same time I must inform that we had a very serious HDD failure in July. The result is lost of some data and also 7X0DX on-line log. We are rebuilding it now and it will work again soon.

 Updated: July 29, 2002 

On July 27, just before leaving his Algerian QTH, Mirek sent me the last part of his log. So the on-line log includes now all 7X0DX contacts (14663 QSOs). During the last days Mirek was very busy so he had no so much time for HAM radio. However in the last moment we managed to be active on PSK31 and RTTY as well as on the top band and via AO40. The next news from Mirek will come from his QTH in Singapore.

 Updated: July 25, 2002 

Mirek was very busy last days so he was not so active on bands as he expected. Sometimes he was just too tired. Because of his work duties Mirek was not able to start activity from IM93 locator.

In any way Mirek tries to do his best to be on the radio. He was active on RTTY last days. Today he worked 5K0Z via AO40 and it was the last continent for his satellite Worked All Continents from Algeria. Congratulations!

Here is Mirek's AO40 time-table for coming days:

25.07 from 20:47 to 23:59 - JA1's and other JA's, VK, EU, Asia
26.07 from 05:30 to 07:00 - USA
27.07 from 00:30 to 02:45 - EU, Africa

Mirek will be on HF also. He will end his activity on Sunday (July 27) about 09:00 UTC. The same day in the afternoon Mirek flies away from Algeria.

On-line log is updated. The last QSO in the log comes from July 22, 22:35 UTC.

 Updated: July 16, 2002 

Mirek participated in IARU Contest - it was time limited participation. He was also active via AO40 last days. At the end of this week Mirek will be in IM93 square. He takes satellite equipment. Propably it will be the first satellite activity from this locator. The on-line log is updated: last QSO in the log comes from July 14, 00:31 UTC.

 Updated: July 11, 2002 

I had a lot of work last days so I was not able to update the information about 7X0DX activity. Mirek is active again from Algeria. This time he had some problems at the begining: at first some problems with his IC-706. Then he had some health problems as was QRT for two days. Fortunately now everything is OK.

Mirek informed me there was some delay with QSL printing. However now QSL manager (Ted DL4DBR) probably got cards from the printer and he will be sending cards. Sorry for this delay.

I have just updated the on-line log. The last QSO in the log comes from June 5,21:34 GMT. Mirek is rather busy in Algeria so he will be sending me log updates every thre or four days.

Mirek read the info from the Guest Book and he will try to do his best to be on needed bands/modes if time permitts. He also send me some news for Japanese stations about supposed satellite activity:

The next good window is 2235-2311z 14 July. This is the mode KS time
I will do my best to be there on AO40.
Normally I will be around +20kc above MB (middle beacon).

 Updated: July 1, 2002 

Mirek let me know some days ago that he will be in Algeria on July 4 and he will start HAM activity the same day. The following day: July 5 is Friday - Fridays are free from work in 7X (like Sundays in Christian calendar) so Mirek is going to be active almost all day then.

 Updated: June 24, 2002 

There is new info about 7X0DX activity. Mirek just let me know that he will visit Algeria again this year. This time he will go to 7X during the first or second week of July and will stay there three or four weeks.

He will be active in his spare time as 7X0DX on HF and via AO40. This time he will not take antennas for UO14 so there will be no activity on this satellite. During his last activities Mirek was active from the locator IM81. This time he is also going to activate IM93.

On HF he will be on CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK31. Updates and on-line log will be published here. Please use also a guest book where you can place your requests for a special bands or modes.

 Updated: June 10, 2002 

Visit the page with sounds. Today we placed there many new recording made by Mirek 7X0DX - all of them made during contacts via AO40. We also have to sounds recorded by Danny WP4F in Puerto Rico - you can listen to how 7X0DX was heard in Puerto Rico on 20 meters.

 Updated: May 28, 2002 (second update today) 

I have made some small statiscs for 7X0DX. Here they are:

| BAND   Number    || Mode      Number  |
|        of QSOs   ||           of QSOs |
|------- ----------||-------- -----------
|   10    1861     ||      FM        18 |
|   12     987     ||     SSB      3145 |
|   15    1064     ||      CW      6981 |
|   17    1597     ||    RTTY       161 |
|   20    2779     ||    SSTV         9 |
|   30     731     ||   PSK31       119 |
|   40     446     ||                   |
|   80     710     ||                   |
|  160     165     ||                   |
| UO14      36     ||                   |
| AO40      57     ||                   |
|------- -------------------------------|
|  ALL   10433     ||    ALL      10433 |

Unique calls: 6538

Most frequently worked stations (only
when the number of QSOs > 10

   SP5INQ    24
   DJ7YR     12
   DL5ZB     12
   SP1KV     12
   SP2AQP    12
   SP4ETO    12
   SP5GMJ    12
   ON6RK     11
   SP3EPK    11
   SP5CJQ    11
   SP5ZCC    11

 Updated: May 28, 2002 

I was busy last days so had no time to update WWW during the week-end. Mirek's activity from Algeria is over now. We will let you know when he is going to 7X again.

During last days of his stay in Algeria Mirek was very active on the top band and via AO40. He hopes that he gave for many HAMs a chance to work a new one, especially for US stations. No stations from the South America on AO40 - it's a pity, the orbit was good for this area. In the end Mirek was able to work stations from 5 continents via AO40.

Mirek made some recordings of his QSOs but had no time to send them to me. Prehaps during the coming days...

The last hour of Mirek's activity was a horror for him: WriteLog closed accidently but fortunately after restarting all QSOs were in the log.

Last hour in Algeria were very busy for Mirek. He had to dismount all the antennas. It took two hours and soon after that Mirek went to the airport and was there just in time.

Mirek would like to say thank you for all HAMs who worked him. Thanks for the patience on satellites and on the top band. Thanks also for very nice comments Mirek could read on the topband reflector and on satellite reflectors.

The on-line log now includes all contacts ever made by 7X0DX. And we also created the "Guest Book". Perhaps a little late but you can send your comments and also your needs: what band/mode you need 7X to work. Mirek will keep this in mind during his future operations from Algeria.

 Updated: May 24, 2002 

Mirek started his activity via AO40. He follows AO40 orbits and tries to be active during his free time. Still nothing heard from JA or VK on AO40. Perhaps next days.

Today (Friday) Mirek will be active mostly on RTTY and PSK and maybe also on MFSK and SSTV. He will be also on 160 meters but only on May 26 from 03:00 to 05:00 UTC.

The on-line log is updated: last QSO in the log comes from May 24, 06:34 UTC. The photo page is updated also - you can see some pictures taken today in the morning: sunrise in Algeria and Mirek's antennas for AO40 operation.

There is also a message from Mirek about his satellite activity on May 23. Please read his info:

  My mistake, sorry....
  I must have been tired this morning, when I have made another schedule

  I realized that only after setting up the station for AO40.
  Because I could not find the beacon MB, I have checked Nova again.
  Only then I have realized, that though satellite visibility was good
  between W6 and 7X, but the MB and transponder were off for RUDAK.
  AO40 was between MA 128-160 (right at 152 at the time of check).

  That's how it is when things are done in a hurry.
  I have lost lunch and W6's lost a new country...

  Till next time....next trip may be...... I will let you know !

  Mirek 7X0DX (SP5IXI, 9V1XE)

 Updated: May 23, 2002 

There is a change (correction) in the AO40 activity schedule. Now it is as follows:

May 23, 2002
03:12 - 06:02 - EU, Africa,
11:00 - 12:00 - (lunch breake for Mirek) West Coast USA - the only chance
                left for USA West Coast to work me

May 24, 2002
01:02 - 05:12 - JA, Asia, VK

May 25, 2002
02:42 - 05:32 - JA, VK, EU

May 27, 2002
02:42 - 06:02 - East Coast USA, South America, EU, Africa (last
                night in hotel and 50% chance for this schedule)

 Updated: May 22, 2002 

Tonight Mirek will be active via AO40 looking for USA West Coast stations. More satellites activity means less activity on HF. During coming Friday Mirek will be active mostly on digital modes. On-line log is updated - last QSO comes from May 22, 04:14 UTC. Mirek's satellite schedule is as follows:

May 23, 2002
03:12 - 06:02 - USA South America, EU, Africa - the only chance
                left for USA West Coast to work me
May 24, 2002
01:02 - 05:12 - JA, Asia, VK

May 25, 2002
02:42 - 05:32 - JA, VK, EU

May 27, 2002
02:42 - 06:02 - East Coast USA, South America, EU, Africa (last
                night in hotel and 50% chance for this schedule)

 Updated: May 21, 2002 

If time permitts Mirek is active on 160 meters. Perhaps it is a "new one" on the top band for some stations. He will be active daily at about 03:30 UTC for North America stations. In the meantime the hotel staff repired the TV antenna sa Mirek has no TVI on 12 meters any more. Expect more activity on this band.

On-line log is updated. The last QSO in the log comes from May 21, 04:59 UTC.

New was created today (check the link "QSO recordings" on the left panel. You can find there some QSO recording made by Mirek himself (mostly on 160 meters) as well recording of his signal heard in Poland. Worth lisetning.

 Updated: May 20, 2002 

On Sunday, May 19 Mirek had good propagation on 10 meters. Besides this he still checks 160 (look at the 19 may update for the top band operation schedule). There are problems on 12 meters - very strong TVI (TV antenna problems. On-line log is updated is updated: the last QSO in teh log comes from May 19, 23:10 UTC.

 Updated: May 19, 2002 

Last days Mirek was very active. May 15 was a PSK day - Mirek had nice PSK pile-up and in the and many QSOs in the log. If it is only possible Mirek observes AO40 orbits but there were not good orbits for 7X. You must remember that Mirek has to move his AO14 antennas manually - it is not always possible in the hotel.

On May 17 Mirek made some changes on the roof. So 80 meters dipole is now 40 meter dipole. Mirek also mounted 160 meters Inverted V and 12 meters dipole.

First contacts on the top band are in the log. There was also a big surprise for Mirek when he was called by P5/4L4FN on 15 meters and was asked for a QSO. In the meantime Mirek had a phone talk to Algerian PTT and in the end it is now clear that 6 meter operation is not allowed from Algeria. It is possible to get a special, time-limited license but Mirek will be in 7X about a week more so don't expect 6 meters operation this time.

There will be less digital activity now (more at the end of Mirek's stay in 7X). Mirek will be active mostly on 15, 12 and 10 meters and on the top band. Mirek suggested the following schedule for the 160 meters operation:

   18:45-19:00 UTC for Far East, JA
   20:30-21:30 UTC for Eu
   04:30-05:00 UTC for W, PY, LU

Log on-line is updated. The last QSO in the on-line log comes from May 19, 06:02 UTC. There are new pictires, on the photo page: the mobile 2m/70cm antenna for UO14 operation and the view of the 7X0DX Iverted V system.

Please listen to two short sounds of signals recorded on the top band. Mirek recorded two of his Polish friends: SP5INQ (8 seconds, 71,4kB) and SP6AEG (4 seconds, 37kB).

 Updated: May 16, 2002 

On May 15 Mirek made not so many QSOs. Propagation was not good. He was calling CQ on 10 and 12 meters but nobody called him. So he moved to 17 meters where conditions were better. 7X0DX also made some satellite QSOs via UO14 and started PSK activity on 20 meters.

On-line log includes contacts made until May 15 (May 15 included). The next log updated will be supposly on Saturday. Look for more activity on Friday (day free from work for Mirek) and for activity on 160 meters - antenna should be ready today.

Have a look at the page with pictures (link on the left). Two pictures taken in Singapore (before this time visit to Algeria) are placed there now - you can see Mirek's satellite antennas for operation via AO40. Mirek took this antennas to Algeria.

Please also listen to the first satellite QSO made by 7X0DX in March (QSO via UO14). The correspondent was IK0WGF - >7x0dx.mp3 (26 seconds, 208kB).

 Updated: May 15, 2002 

The next day of 7X0DX activity during this stay in Algeria brings 545 QSOs (in this 8 satellite contacts via UO14). On-line log is updated and includes all contacts from May 14 also.

Yestreday Mirek started activity on 80 meters. Pile-up was not very big. Propagation not too good.

During the next days we can also expect activity on RTTY, SSTV and PSK as well as via satellites: UO14 and AO40. Mirek tries to give the possibility of working 7X to funs of varius modes. 160 meters dipole has not been installed yet.

 Updated: May 14, 2002 

So the DXing fun started again for Mirek. Soon after arrival to his QTH (on May 13) Mirek visited the hotel roof and mounted some of the antennas again. Some minutes later he started activity on amateur bands. Antennas for satellite operation via UO14 are also ready but Mirek will start satellite operation during the weekend. Mirek also prepared 160m dipole and has to install the antenna now.

Mirek was listening on 80 meters but had many statin QRNs. He called CQ but with no results. During coming days Mirek will be active on CW and SSB on many bands. No preffered frequency - he will be active on bands where propagation conditions are good. He will be working RTTY also.

The on-line log includes contacts made on May 13 also. Look for more activity of 7X0DX on Friday - it will be day free from work for Mirek. After the first day of this stay in Algeria 7X0DX results are as follows: 690 contacts (20m - 194 QSOs; 17m - 354 QSOs; 15m - 127 QSOs; 10m - 15 QSOs. Remember that 7X0DX activity is possible only in free time as it is a business trip.

 Updated: May 6, 2002 

Mirek will visit Algeria again very soon: May 14 - 26. So look for 7X0DX again. Mirek is ready for activity on 6 meters but he has not received any decision from Algerian PTT so far. But for sure Mirek will be active on 80 and 160 meters, and via AO40.

Mirek also informed that 7X0DX QSL will be ready very soon and first pack of QSLs will be sent at the end of May.

Mirek supposes he will be back in Agleria in July or August.

 Updated: March 23, 2002 

On March 23, 2002 there was a meeting at the SP5KMB club station in Pruszkow (15 kilometers west from Warsaw). SP5KMB is the club where Mirek started his HAM radio adventure. So old friends met again and it was the chance to talk about old good times as well as to listen to Mireks's story about his work in Algeria. In the same time Mirek gave me his 7X0DX log files so you can search the on-line log now (follow the link in the left frame).

Mirek told that he still does not know if he will visit Algeria again in the future. But if this happes, all updated will be placed on this site and in DX bulletins.

 Updated: March 19, 2002 

On March 18 at 05:57 UTC mirek logged the last QSO. After that he had only two hours to get to the airport. In the end there are 5054 QSO in the log of 7X0DX: CW - 3921, SSB - 1063, RTTY - 33, PSK - 12, SSTV - 8, satelllite - 17. Mirek got the license 5 days before leaving Algeria. During that time he had only one day free from work. So activity was limited and was able only after work hours.

Perhaps Mirek will visit Algeria again in the future as the project he works on in Algeria is not completed as yet. If he goes to 7X again, we can expect activity on the top band also.

 Updated: March 18, 2002 

Mirek is in his way from Algeria to his home in Singapure. In the meantime he will stop in Poland for some days. Propably in this time we will place 7X0DX on-line log here. Mirek does not know the possible date of his next stay in Algeria. 7X0DX license is life-long so we can expect next activity if he only is in 7X.

 Updated: March 17, 2002 

All antennas work correctly after the sand storm. On Saturady evening Mirek was active in BARTG RTTY Contest and also PSK and again via satellite UO14.

Mirek also made an antenna for 80 meters. Many contacts to Europe and USA on this band. Mirek was also active on SSTV - but only few contacts.

Antennas will be dismounted in the last minute on March 18 (about 06:00 UTC). At about 08:00 Mirek goes to the airport.

 Updated: March 16, 2002 

The next info from Mirek. At about 15:30 UTC there was very stron sand storm at his QTH. Mirek hopes his antennas will still work after that.

 Updated: March 16, 2002 

Mirek is very active on HF bands. He informed about never ending propafation to Europe. However he was also active via UO14 making some QSO: I, F, OZ, EA8, G, PA, HA, S56.

During the day Mirek is at work. Only Friday was a free day for him. In the end he decided do build 80 meters antenna. He laso decided to do some activity in BARTG RTTY Contest.

Mirek is leaiving to the airport on March 18 at 08:00 UTC. He will be active almost to the last minute (only to have time to dismount the antennas).

 Updated: March 14, 2002 

Another e-mail from Algeria today: Mirek informed he will be active on SSTV tomorrow (Friday, March 15).

 Updated: March 14, 2002 

I've just received the next e-mail from Mirek 7X0DX. He said that yesterday he felt like many years ago when he received his first radio license and call sign SP5IXI. After the first night there are 743 QSOs in the log of 7X0DX.

Mirek has some antenna problems so he informed he will not be active on 80 meters. He has only few days of activity before his departure from Algeria so decided rather to be active on bands where has working antennas.

Today (March 14) Mirek will try to be active via RS13 and on Friday he will be on RTTY. He is in Algeria on business so radio activity depends on free time. In any way Mirek stated that longer periods of activity will take place during the Thursday/Friday night and then all Friday and next during Sunday/Monday night.

 Updated: March 13, 2002 

It took a long time but in the end..... Mirek has 7X0DX license in his hands. He received all required documents. The same day Mirek starts his long-waited activity. First spots appear on DX clusters. During late eveninig his signals were very good in Poland on 30 meters and then on 40 meters. Also many correspondents from the USA and Japan.

Mirek is not sure about 6 meters activity as the license is not clear about that. He will try to explain this point. He will surely be active on all HF bands. The start date of the license is February 27, 2002 and it is valid forever (no end date limit).

Mirek will stay in Algeria till 18th March. He got the license just few days before departure. What to say... never give up. Now he doesn't know when he will come to 7X again or if this ever happen.

 Updated: February 27, 2002 

The license is ready. Only one signature missing....

 Updated: February 17, 2002 

The Ministry of Telecommunication confirmed the 7X0DX call sign. In the same time Mirek has to do some formalities: formulas, photographs, fees etc. Everything takes place on the desert - some of the things are not so easy as you can think. The post is the other story.

 Updated: February 13, 2002 

The inspection took place. All is OK with the station. PTT officials dmired Mireks's IC-706. The next thing is just to wait again. PTT Officials will make a report to send to the Ministry of Telecommunication. They said after that it is only about a week to got the license.

 Updated: February 2, 2002 

Still waiting for the inspection. In the meantime Mirek is listening to what's going on on bans. Very good signals from the USA on 80 meters, also some stations from VK. Of course strong signals from Europe, also on the top band.

 Updated: January 6, 2002 

Mirek got the agreement to set up his station. The next step is the inspection of PTT officials. During Christmas Mirek was in Italy where he spent time with his family. Mirek's wife, Anita brought the equipment to Italy. When Mirek was coming back to Algeria, there were no problems with the transceiver or other equipment.

 Updated: December 20, 2001 

Apart of normal HF work, I will try to activate 7X via AO10, RS, UO14, FO20 and FO20 satellites. I will not have full duplex, as I will use IC706MKIIG. 6 meters operation is not assured at this stage, due to local regulations.

This is not a "full blown expedition", as I am here on business. I will operate, at times, most likely between 16:30 and 06:00 UTC.

 Updated: December 12, 2001 

Since beginning of June 2001, Mirek SP5IXI/9V1XE/VK3DXI is on business trip in Algeria. Just after arrival there, Mirek applied for Amateur Radio Licence. Until now, in recent years, only 2 foreigners received such a licences: 7X0AD (EA5AD) and 7X0MT (F6MSR).

Just few days ago, 7X2RO, secretary of Amateur Radio Algeriens (ARA) confifirmed in e-mail to Mirek, that Ministry of Defence does not object issue of such a licence. This opens the door for completion of the formalities.

It is hard to define the schedule for the operation, but there is a hope that activity will commence in January 2002.

Operation will last 2-4 months (or longer). All news will be updated as they come.

We are in touch with Mirek. When his activity starts there will be on-line log placed on this page. Now please have a look at some pictures from Algeria sent by Mirek.

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